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building the fuselage
I put the fuselage under epoxid and glasscloth. I colored the epoxid red - not
for fun but for recognizing different layers in the furhter treatment. You will see!
I filled the fuselage and sanded it with very fine wet usable sanding paper.
Then I added the overlapping metal sheets by filling against tape stripes.

With some dentist´s cutters I created the small clearances for doors and windows in
the fuselage and most of the rivets from the fuselage. But there were some more
convex rivets hat to be set for the ball turret enclosure. You can see them on the
1/48 model very well.

These small aluminium rivets met my expectations. I drilled small wholes
into the fuselage and fixed them with Ca glue.

The cowling as well as the fuselage received a base coat in light grey
and a little more wet sanding. Then I painted them white for molding.

Building a mold takes several steps of putting your model under
a epoxid and glasscloth. It does´nt forgive any mistakes. You have to
wax anything carefully and then you have to put on the parting surfaces.
For the cowling and it´s roundly form I decided to do this by using
modeling clay - all togehter 3 layers - it worked perfectly!

The fuselage was much bigger - and much more work.
First of all I had to fix some boundaries to prevent the epoxid from running
into the fuselage and gluing things togehter I would not like to.
Then I startet encasing the fuselage.

For the small gaps I used modeling clay and a sharp plastik knife I
invented to clear the gaps from overlaying material.

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date 04/2010