the idea



Building my own scale models and fly them by radio control was my big dream for many years.
When I was a Teenager my parents did not have the money to support this hobby. So I had to take what was possible, built gliders and threw them from a hill - they worked well, even my own developments.
Later I studied, met my wife and built a small family. Time for the hobby came up and even a little money was left over to buy my first radio control equipment. I learned flying in a local society and again built my own models.
This is about 15 years ago. In the beginning, I built them by plans I bought or received from friends.
Now I draw my own plans, do my own investigations and I do build the models I always wanted to own in a high quality that I did not find in the market.
I do not depend on selling models - so I have the time to develop them well and set a high quality standard - even if it takes some month more - I want to be satisfied by the results I produce. They shall look and fly well!
I have been building and flying airplane-models for more than 25 years (except the years of studying computerscience and the time of starting into the job). Now I do live my dream.
It is the time to show you what I am capable of! Just follow me!

Th. Gottschalk



  date 04/2010