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Yakovlev Yak-3 ??

was a very small and even very effective Russian fighter in WWII. It´s high power-to-weight ratio gave it excellent performance.
Lighter and smaller than Yak-9 but powered by the same engine, the Yak-3 was a forgiving, easy-to-handle aircraft loved by both rookie and veteran pilots and ground crew as well. It was a robust, easy to maintain and a highly successful dogfighter. It was used mostly as a tactical fighter, flying low over battlefields and engaging in dogfights below 13,000 ft.

Technical data from the prototype

Wingspan 9,20 m  
Lenght 8,49 m  
height 2,42 m  
empty weight 2.105 kg  
maximum weight 2.660 kg  
powerplant Klimow WK-105PF-2, 1.300 PS  
service ceiling 10.700 m  
range 900 km  

This bird is my new procject as a replica kit in scale 1/4 (quarterscale)!.

I do use technical literature, magazines, Internet and press to gather informations about this new project
as well as photographs from the prototype and plastic models from marketleaders to get a 3-dimensional
feeling for the project and to create a kit with accurate details.

It will have a Wingspan of about 90 Inces and will get a starting weight of about 25lbs.
A engine like a Zenoah ZG62 will be able serve the necessary Power (62ccm).
The fuselage will be built from composite glass, carbon and fiber parts,
the wings wil become sandwichcomponents.



I do my research very carefully.

Robert Bock wrote an excellent Book on the Yak-3 in Monografie Lotnicze.
I bought and studied it. It is an amazing machine, I will build!
I bought a 1/48 scale model from Eduard, one of the most finest kit Builders in Europe and measuered it inch by inch.

I broke the first parts from the Eduard Model an fixed them by small tape-stripes.
Yust to get a first impression from the prototype.

Then I opened my "scetchbook" to paint an documate these first impressions,
how I want ot build that plane and how I want to do the cooling of the motor!

youst follow me!


date 05/2010