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The Yakovlev Yak-3

was a very small and even very effective Russian fighter in WWII. It´s high power-to-weight ratio gave it excellent performance.
Lighter and smaller than Yak-9 but powered by the same engine, the Yak-3 was a forgiving, easy-to-handle aircraft loved by both rookie and veteran pilots and ground crew as well. It was a robust, easy to maintain and a highly successful dogfighter. It was used mostly as a tactical fighter, flying low over battlefields and engaging in dogfights below 13,000 ft.

Technical data from the prototype

Wingspan 9,20 m  
Lenght 8,49 m  
height 2,42 m  
empty weight 2.105 kg  
maximum weight 2.660 kg  
powerplant Klimow WK-105PF-2, 1.300 PS  
service ceiling 10.700 m  
range 900 km  



This almost tiny machine conquered my heart.


It is reduced to the maximum which is possible.

Only necessary things on board made it light like a feather.

But it was a formidable opponent in WWII and Germmans feared it because
of it´s velocity and agility over the
battlefields in the east!

Some models are still in duty - in civilian possession they do delight us
with their fantastic design and classic shape

Easily it takes the runway to get up into the dusky German clouds.

I am happy to build this machine - stay tunded!.

All photos from this page with friendly permission from Matthias Dorst
shot at the Meier Motors GmbH, Bremgarten GERMANY


date 05/2010